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What are Thai women like?

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Compared to girls in the western countries with many outlets for junk food, the Thai woman has a fantastic lean body. Obesity is not an epidemic in Thailand, and the women are quite active.

Of course, appearance is not the defining quality of a woman. If you take the personality more important than her looks, you might find this helpful.

Personality traits of Thailand women

thai asian brides

“While every woman is unique (it will require time to learn what makes her smile), you can get a good insight into her behavior by knowing the typical personality of women in her region.”

To put things in perspective, we will divide the personality traits by socio-economic class.


Well, every economic level has a set of behavior unique to its members. You can't find a girl from aristocratic family behaving like a glutton at a dinner date or making a gentle wooing into a financial relief opportunity. The point is, most often than not people’s behavior is influenced by their economic status. With that in mind, here is a summary of the personality of Thai women based on their socio-economic status.

Lower class

These are poor Thai girls with limited education. Among these, you will find potential brides who are down to earth, humble, family oriented, hard working, thankful, and loyal. On the other hand, they could be overzealous to get a man who will take care of them and their family. Such types are easy to identify and should be avoided unless you feel their qualities trump their lack.

Middle class

Thais from middle-class homes are usually hard working, driven, ambitious, loyal, and family oriented. Women from such middle-class homes or in the middle class on the social strata also possess homely qualities along with the qualities mentioned earlier.

Middle-class girls usually have a good education, live a comfortable life, and have a medium experience of foreign culture and language. So it won't be difficult relating to women from this class.

Rich and affluent (upper class)

Thailand girls in this category live a luxurious life. Despite their family wealth, they have been taught how to be hardworking, ambitious, and purpose-driven in order to sustain their wealthy lifestyle.

Generally, you can expect both the middle and upper classes of Thai women to be well educated, exposed, and open to interaction. Just don't expect them to be "timid, yes women" you can find among the poor class.

Thai women culture

Thai women are family centred

Thailand has a family system that is quoted differently than what is obtainable in other climes. In Thailand, family sticks together for life. For example, children can grow up and marry in their parent's house.

First sons are usually the breadwinners of their home and their family when his parents are no longer active.

On the other hand, women are expected to support their parents physically and financially. This family culture makes a Thai wife very conscious of her family. If you are going to marry a Thai bride you have to accept that she will always want to help her family.

thai asian bride

Thai girls are religious

Thais are quite religious. The dominant religion in Thailand is Buddhism. Over 70 percent of the population are Buddhists or practiced Buddhism to some extent.

Thais hold religious laws sacred. You will be better off with a Thai woman if you don't make sarcastic jokes about her religion.

Thai girl knows how to cook

Thailand is home to many exotic cuisines. Thais love good food. You can find open-air markets and restaurants if you talk a walk around. Food is good and affordable.

Since they grew up in a society that loves food, Thai women have decent culinary skills. You will appreciate this quality when you eat their food.

Interesting facts about Thailand

thai asian women brides

Martial art

Martial art is part of the lifestyle of Thais. The countries national martial art is Muay Thai and they host competitions at different levels all year round. If you are a fan of fight sports, you will enjoy the shows Thailand offers.

The human head is revered

If you were confused reading that headline, you are not the only one. We were quite surprised when we learned about this culture. In Thailand, the head is respected. Thais see touching someone on the head as a sign of disrespect, and it is forbidden.


Thailand has a great love for their monarchy. The Royal family is not only respected by some decrees it is seen in the conduct of the people. As a sign of respect, Thais don't point fingers at members of the Royal family. Remember the Hollywood movie "The King and I?" It will interest you to know that the movie was not shown in Thailand because it was believed that it commonized the crown.

Scenic landscape and animals

If you are looking to find a wife in a country with vegetation and good wildlife, you will find Thailand adequate. The country boasts of green forests and an ecosystem of wildlife animals. You can see elephants in their wildlife reserves and other interesting creatures.

Why are Thai mail order brides sought after?

asian thai mail order bride

Thai women are highly sought after as wife by Western men and other men from different races. Thailand brides have wonderful qualities that make them desirable.

Thai brides are attractive

We already talked about what Thailand women look like. Of course, you can get a visual education by browsing Google for pictures of Thailand women. These women are known for their great skin and hair, which they groom with care. Physically Thailand women have small structures.

They are loyal

Thai brides are known for their loyalty. The environment they grew in; puts values such as loyalty to family, monarchy, and state as priceless. The famed loyalty of a good Thai bride is as a result of her upbringing.

Thailand brides are good homemakers

Marriage is held sacred in Thailand. In this Asian country, family roles are well defined. Women do their part and men perform their duties as well.

Often, you will find that the values of family and the skills to maintain a home are passed on to her by her mother. Based on training, Thai women make good homemakers.

They are friendly

Thailand is sometimes described as the land of smiles because of the friendly people who greet you with a smile. Nothing says welcome like a warm smile from a beautiful face. Thai women are easy on the eye and have a great smile to go with their looks.

Thai women stereotypes and misconception

beautiful thai asian brides

Thai women are an easy catch

A brief search through the Internet for more information about Thai women and you'd find a cocktail of opinions. Some of these guide articles are written by people who went to Thailand for a sex vacation. This group of people and some Hollywood movies paint Thailand as a red zone for lovemaking. Unfortunately, this opinion has gained popularity, and it is held as truth by people who have never had contact with a Thai woman.

While it cannot be disputed that Thailand has an active club life and the exotic bars and clubs are part of their tourist attractions, it is still home to cultured women. A good Thailand woman is conservative. They are averse to public display of affection or any form of sexual advances in the public. The average Thai woman places a premium on family. So they are not about displaying behaviors that reflect negatively on their home.

Making your decision about Thai women should be based on personal experience. “Besides, people who travel to Bangkok to experience exotic bars and strip clubs and mingle with women in that vicinity are certainly not reliable sources for information about Thai women.”

Thai women love only Western men

This is not entirely true. People who believe this notion or throw it around forget the fact that Thailand is a popular tourist destination.

American men are the major tourists compared to other countries, so a Thai woman has most likely seen an American man more than she has seen another man from a different race.

It is understandable that they will be inclined to date American men than a men from a different another country because they are used to Americans. Also, the fact that American pop culture is celebrated in Thailand gives the profile of American men a boost. That said, Thai women are quite open to dating and marrying men from other countries. The number of mixed race marriages between Thai brides and their foreign grooms attests to that fact.

They are materialistic

Thailand women are many things but not materialistic. The Thailand life is simple cultural life that is built on dignity, respect, honesty, and humble living. Thai brides are not high maintenance; you certainly cannot compare them to Italian women.

By the way, you have to be living under a rock to think that dating a woman is free of any expenses. The cost is relative with each race and most importantly the background of the woman in question. You will spend on dates, dinners, movies or wherever you lovebirds take your adventure.

So the thought that Thai women are materialistic is just unfounded. Yes, they love being showered with gifts and love like all women. If you look around you, it's the same thing with the women in your area. However, with a Thai woman, you won't get bugged with bills as they are not consumer-centric unless you make the mistake of attempting to court a red light district professional. Then you are paying for the attention giving to you and not for love.

Intriguing facts about Thai brides

thai wife mail order bride


Contrary to what is popular out there, a well-groomed Thai woman is very conservative. Although the level of shyness is relative. Thai cities have women who have embraced western culture unlike women in the rural regions. However, Thai women detest public display or affection or any form of intimate gestures in public. Wooing a Thai woman with sexually charged gestures will get you nowhere.

You don't see family until you are ready

Thai's value family and this is seen in the way they handle their relationship before their family. A typical Thai woman will not introduce you to her parents until she is sure you want to marry her. This way mistakes are not made. So you have to be sure of your intentions to marry a Thai woman and also show it before you get to see her family.

Where to meet a Thai girl

If you don't reside in Thailand and will not visit the country any time soon, your best option to find a Thai bride is dating platforms. There are some Thai mail order bride websites on the Internet as well as dating sites. Finding your Thai bride through these platforms will require patience and time.

Are mail-order bride websites reliable?

Yes, but the success rate largely depends on the mail order bride website you choose to use. There are hundreds of online dating platforms out there, so you would want to think twice before signing up.