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Asian Mail Order Brides And International Online Dating

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Asian Mail Order Brides: Is It Easy To Find Your Soulmate?

What is so important to take into consideration when dreaming of international love with Asian brides? Why building relations with ladies from the Eastern culture requires some understanding of this culture and scratching beneath the surface? We are members of Asian Bride magazine, and being into the heart of Asian-ness we know what is so crucial about relationships and men for single Asian women. We are experts not only on the subject of the organization of a perfect wedding and atmosphere but also on values, dating traditions, and unusual features of Asian girls. Asianbride.me allows you to learn not only about mail order brides from Asian countries but also about women who use online dating. Girls who are not purely interested in serious and family-oriented relationships, but ladies who are not afraid to have casual communication with Western guys.

That’s why our aim to unite single men from all around the world with Asian brides is not a job but our vocation: to help you get to know more about these beauties, meet them and build your family with one of them.  On asianbride.me we are writing about beautiful women from Asian countries and create the best and most informative lists of mail order brides and other dating sites.  Besides, on our site, you will not only have the possibility to dig into this dating culture and mentality but also read more about Eastern ladies who come from different Oriental countries and choose the more reliable mail order bride service based on our detailed reviews.

Yet, not all women online wish to get engaged and marry. Online dating sites are a perfect spot for those who seek a long-distance relationship. There, ladies usually flirt with men, chat, and nourish online romance. However, marriage is not their goal. If a man aims to find a spouse, he better look for a wife on specialised sources - mail order bride websites. 

Nevertheless, users' intentions are not the only thing that determine the result - there is also good chance! You can meet the love of your love and marry her on a regular dating platform, and you can see some ladies with no serious intent on a mail order bride source. It is all about your search and your own path!

Asian mail-order brides

Mail order brides can be mistakenly perceived as women who just decide to be put into various catalogs and meet almost any man who will be ready to engage in the relationship. The main stereotypes about these ladies are that:

  • They can be sold or bought;
  • They come from less economically developed countries;

In the past, when the “picture brides” phenomenon was quite common, that might have been true, but not anymore. Nowadays, brides can’t be sold or bought. The main idea consists of an innovative way to break the rules of traditional dating and be able to meet people despite the distance, different locations, and nationalities.

Besides, a lot of Asian ladies come from well-developed countries with a great economic situation. For them, registering on dating services is not the possibility to escape from poverty but to find a true soulmate with someone from another cultural background. It’s no secret that in some Asian countries marriage is much more than a mutual love of two people, but a whole arrangement of families. Thus, getting permission to marry a lady can often mean doing your utmost to get along with her parents as well as to match her social status.

Some Asian women were asked particularly about their motivation to marry men from overseas. The answers were quite obvious and reflected the general perception of international love in Asia. One of the respondents answered that Western men are more open, modern, and not tied with social traditions. Americans, for example, seem to be kind and loyal compared to harsh and not so faithful local males.

It is important to emphasize that not all Asian women seek serious and committed relationships. Some of them are eager to have casual communications, while others seek serious yet not family-oriented relationships. If you want to find a wife, then you should definitely check mail order brides platforms. Still, the majority of great dates can be found on online dating sites with Asian women — there you will be able to find girls with any preferences and goals from the most casual to the most devoted ones!

You may feel curious to know the countries of origin of most Asian mail order brides. Based on statistics there are 6 six main destinations:

  • Thailand
  • China
  • The Philippines
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • India

The unique traits of Asian mail order brides and dates

The exotic beauty of Asian girls is famous across the whole world. Sometimes, only this feature drives thousands of men crazy around the globe. However, if you are looking not only for someone to behold her cute face but to enjoy every spent minute of your life, then pay attention to the unique traits of Asian brides.

about Asian women

Family as the main value for Asian girls

Compared to the majority of Western ladies, Asian mail order brides consider creating a family as their main goal in life. The family nest is their vocation. Even if some ladies choose career and self-development, they still aspire to be excellent spouses and mothers. Sometimes this comes not from their inner personality but from society. According to a study, the percenrage of divorces among Western men and Asian women is lowest among intercultural and interracial couples. Still, lots of Western men who have already married Asian brides consider it as one of the best traditionally Asian traits.

Asian ladies crave to be perfect for their husbands

Asian girls are not the ones who will look out only for number one. Caring for all people whom they love is in their genes. Thus, it’s not their obligation but their true desire. That’s why you can always expect that your Asian wife will be a great support who will do their best to help you, be close to you and understand you.

Try to get along with her family, and you will become a part of it

As well as your own family, her parents and relatives stay important for your wife during her whole life. The traditions remain really strong, so even if you move afar, she won’t forget about those closest to her. Keep in mind that, if you manage to keep great relations with her family, you will always be greeted as one of them, even despite the cultural gap. Asians love to keep these family ties and gather together. Thus, they are a perfect example of a happy, united, and friendly family.

Man is the main in the family for an Asian bride

A lot of Asian mail order brides believe that men are the heads of the family. However, this structure has nothing to do with submission, it’s more about mutual understanding and respect. As a man, you will decide, but your decision should always be a both agreed consensus.

Asian women are generally really smart and with polite personalities

Lots of single men from abroad get attracted to Asian brides because of their calm characters and wise perception of the world. Compared to passionate and emotional Latin girls, Oriental women are more thoughtful and mannered. They will never lose their tempers, but keep the inner balance in different kinds of situations. Usually, it is Daoism and Confucianism, as well as Buddhism that makes Asian girls so patient and kind. Besides, not only will she behave wisely to other people, but also to you no matter what is going on.

They live in the right environment

Asia is a fastly developing and growing region, where opportunities emerge constantly. A lot of Western men are willing to move to Asian countries not only because there are so many beautiful and wonderful women for marriage and dating, but also because of the region per se. More and more men are agree to stay in Asia after marrying a local girl. Climate, low cost of living, exceptional business and traveling opportunities, and a wide selection of gorgeous women help hundreds of Western men look for brides and dates from Asia.

Asian mail order brides: myths and reality

Asian brides

Eastern people have been a kind of secret for Western countries for many centuries. Actually, it’s not odd, right? Both cultures take roots in different ideologies and have different values and mindsets. Even now, a lot of stereotypes hinder people from overcoming the challenges of cultural misunderstanding. So, let’s agree or refute some of the most common thoughts about Asian mail order brides.

Asian women can’t speak English

We can say that that’s no longer the truth. Nowadays, English skills open lots of paths for Asian ladies both in their careers and education. In the majority of schools and universities, children learn English and get acquainted with Western culture. Of course, most of them won’t sound like native speakers and will probably have a special accent, but usually, you will be able to discuss a wide range of topics. Besides, Asians are quick-learners. Imagine how many hieroglyphs a typical Chinese lady knows and what kind of memory she has. If you start to date, she will definitely try to improve her English.

Asian women are gold diggers

It’s one more stereotype that doesn’t match reality anymore. Nowadays, the list of fast-developing and really innovative countries include a lot of Asian ones. For example, in Japan and South Korea, salaries are not so inferior to in the USA. Thus, you will probably need to prove to the family of a bride that you are financially stable only because she knows how to live well. Even if some Asian countries may only develop and people there can’t boast of having high salaries, women there have their values. So, when you are looking for an Asian wife, be sure that she won’t be interested in money. The most important thing to her is to find a loving and kind husband.

Asian ladies are quite shy

At the beginning of your communication you may notice that a typical Asian girl will be quiet and a little shy. Generally, it’s the truth. Asian mail order wives are really calm and not so emotional. At least they don’t like to show it. In no way does it mean that she is not confident. On the contrary, she may be really smart and self-sufficient. An Asian woman is just the one who will make a scene out of a small thing.

The main dating goal of Asian brides is to get a passport

As we mentioned before, a lot of Asian women are craving to find good husbands with whom they can build a happy family. At the same time, we can’t deny that it’s possible to come across ladies whose main interest will be a passport of another country that can mean a golden ticket for her. However, these indecent ladies are rare, and usually, after only one detailed discussion of your dating aims and future plans, you will be able to uncover her real intentions.

What is the main reason for so many Asians become mail order brides

Loads of mail order bride services are aplenty with young and attractive Asian ladies. One might be surprised why there are so many great women looking for their love somewhere on online dating services. For some people, it can even smell fishy. Probably, they are just swindlers or short-term sugar babies? Or any other reason you don’t even think about. In reality, everything is much more simple. In general, there are three aspects that influence such a great number of Asian mail order brides.

      Disproportion of men and women in Asian countries
      High rate of domestic violence
      High infidelity rate of local men

Besides, a lot of Asian ladies think that Western men make better husbands. They can more easily express their feelings and be more caring and warm-hearted. Western men really appreciate the Asian women, they understand what special and nice ladies they managed to get.

What are the ways to come across a decent Asian woman?

Asian mail-order bride

We should say that it’s possible to find some Asian ladies in your country. A lot of people decide to move somewhere to find a better life, or just for fun, traveling, or entertainment. Usually, the main difference is that these ladies are more Westernized and adopt Western values. That’s why, if you wish to date an Asian woman who observes the Eastern traditions, it’s better to look for someone in Asia.

In addition, you can try reaching out to Asian ladies through social networks. But keep in mind that messages from strangers (which they obviously don’t expect to get) may not work for Eastern ladies. They are used to more traditional dating where you get acquainted with each other thanks to friends in common or at least based on similar interests. Moreover, how can you know that a girl you chose is actually looking for someone?

Even if you visit the country where your dream wife lives, it may take lots of effort to both travel there and find exactly the right woman. Lots of Asians can not meet your requirements or may not be eager to start serious relationships. A shot in the dark might not be the best strategy for meeting your Asian soulmate.

That’s why online dating may be your chance to come across a perfect match. The number of trustworthy and fast-developing mail order brides and other dating websites is becoming large, and thus, there are a lot of new users. It makes the whole process of meeting and getting to know each other much easier and less time-consuming.

Where can you find an Asian wife?

Search for a really effective mail order bride platform with real members and high-quality functions can be quite a complicated process. You may scroll thousands of lists, and waste a lot of time trying to see if this website will offer you the best services. That’s why asianbride.me decided to simplify your life, gather the best websites, and analyze all the important aspects. From security and privacy to the variety of tools and payment methods, we do a lot of research to advise you of reliable sites. So now, if you want to check any of the sites, just visit any of our unbiased services reviews and choose the best of them.

How to successfully date online?

So, even if finding a nice and attractive Asian bride online is not a challenge anymore, winning her heart can be quite difficult. Joining the website doesn’t mean the girl will fall for you. You need to get her affection and to prove that you are the husband she dreams of. For this, we would recommend you to follow some general tips. They are not universal, but they can work for the majority of Asian mail order brides.

      Do not start intimate talks before you get really close. If she doesn’t mind this, she will give you a distinctive sign. Otherwise, you risk scaring her off.
      Do not try to buy her with wealth. It’s better to prove to her that you are a rich personality rather than showing off with your bank statements.
      Show her that you have long-term intentions. Women like men who have plans, both for life and their relationship.
      Be genuinely interested in her personality, interests, goals. Besides, ask her questions and not only talk about you. Being attentive is the key to her heart.
      Don’t believe members who beg for money. If you see one, just block and report them.

Asian women: final conclusion about these mail order brides

The fact that Asian ladies are gorgeous wives is generally proven. Not only beautiful and feminine but also smart, kind, caring, and loyal, they charm and attract a lot of men from overseas. They perfectly combine the unique spirit and modern outlook, natural beauty, and quick witness. So, is it surprising that there exists such a demand for Asian girls? Add to the previously mentioned features, their serious intentions, and the desire to create the family hearth, and you will get a great wife and mother for your children. And thanks to various websites, everyone has a chance to meet their Asian significant other. So. don’t lose your chance and try it right now.

What do we analyze for providing you with the best dating sites

  • Target audience

    Target audience

    There are a lot of dating websites with different target audiences. Some platforms help men find Russian beauties, and some have plenty of gorgeous Latin ladies profiles. Our goal is to select the top trustworthy sites with a large number of beautiful ladies.

  • Number of members

    Number of members

    We do not choose only the largest platforms, we analyze a general pattern of growth. If the number of members of a particular website is constantly increasing, we recommend it to men who are looking for stunning Asian singles (of course, if the rest of the features are also good). Of course, we also make reviews of the most popular platforms with hundreds of thousands of registered users.

  • Member structure

    Member structure

    You will hardly decide to join the website where the ratio of men to women is 90 to 10 percent. We analyze the audience to find out if a man has a good chance to meet an Asian woman he always dreamed about.

  • Quality of profiles

    Quality of profiles

    The quality of the profiles is essential. Good platforms encourage their members to fill out their profiles completely, upload photos and video materials and answer a long questionnaire. This is necessary to provide all users with an opportunity to know each other a little better even without exchanging messages and to find perfect matches.

  • Verification procedure

    Verification procedure

    No one needs a website if profiles there are not even real. Unfortunately, there are scam sites in the online dating industry, and our main goal is to tell you about the best websites only. Verification and moderation are some factors that make it possible to determine if the site is worth joining or not.

  • Number and quality of communication services

    Number and quality of communication services

    Communication tools are exactly what make dating sites so popular. It is obvious that they are supposed to connect people from all around the globe, and the question is how they do it. Text chat is not the only thing most websites have to offer. Good platforms usually provide their members with an opportunity to choose various ways to communicate with one another, including sending long letters, text and video chats, transmitting video, sending virtual and real gifts. Moreover, members also can other users to Favorites, show interest, like other profiles, use plenty of search filters to find perfect matches, etc. Poor quality services are the main reason why a site cannot be considered a good one, and vice versa.

  • Billing policy

    Billing policy

    Of course, pricing policy is one of the factors you should always take into account. We will analyze it in details to find out if it is really reasonable.

  • Privacy policy

    Privacy policy

    The security issue is of crucial importance. Choosing a website that shares your personal information with the third party is a bad idea, no matter what top-quality services it provides.

  • Design and usability

    Design and usability

    It may seem that the aspects mentioned above are more significant than the way the site looks. Well, this is not exactly true. In overall, men spend around 6 months on a platform before they find an Asian bride that is perfect to them. Nobody wants to spend this much time on the website with horrible design and interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Asian dating site?

To meet a gorgeous Asian woman for marriage, it is better to visit trusted and popular mail order websites. The experts of asianbride.me have made their own rating and claim that the following platforms are the best for meeting a potential wife: AsiaMe, DateNiceAsian and AsianBeautyOnline. All of these sites have high-quality communication services, decent security level, and thousands of single Asian women willing to start a relationship with a foreign man.

Do Asian ladies make loyal wives?

Educated according to traditions, most Asian ladies really value loyalty both of their partners and their own. Besides, they are used to choosing one partner for the whole life, and the family plays a significant role for them. Thus, it can be a little bit difficult to walk with her down the aisle, but if this girl chooses you, she will be a faithful and good wife.

Are Asian mail order brides real?

We can say that mail order bride websites are trendy in Asia. Lots of single women truly find it easy to look for their love. But we can’t deny that some people try to con the members pretending to be cute and beautiful Asians. That’s why you need to be aware of this and verify each person with whom you communicate.

How much time can our online communication take?

Every situation is really special. Thus, it’s difficult to say whether you will fall in love at the very first sight or you will need to communicate for a longer period. Some couples decide to move to a real date really soon, while others prefer to make sure that they match and then initiate a real meeting.

Are mail order bride websites free of charge?

The system changes from site to site. However, you can usually sign up and browse for free. Besides, most services can be fee-based with the possibility to try some tools for free when you use it for the first time. Evidently, you will need to pay, but you will always be able to make sure that you are paying for something worthy and effective.

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