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Outward beauty of a Japanese bride

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Genes, natural beauty and attitudes toward cosmetic surgery

Firstly, let us answer the question on everyoneโ€™s mind. How beautiful women in Japan really are? Can you expect them to be as beautiful as mass media depicts them? If you have never been to Japan, but would like to meet a Japanese bride, please read this information carefully. Of course, there are different women in this country, but we will focus on regular Japanese singles aged 20-40. They have the so-called Asian features, at least, the most common of them, like straight dark hair, almond eyes, and full but not too big lips.

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Japanese women do not look like Europeans or Latin women โ€“ you will not find those passionate and curvy girls here. Women in Japan are tiny and fit, and that is the result of national healthy eating habits and, of course, good genes. By the way, some people say that Japanese mail order brides are less beautiful than Korean women, but there is one significant thing to consider โ€“ Japanese women are usually natural, while most girls in Korea have at least one little plastic surgery. However, to each his own. But, if you like marrying naturally beautiful women that look amazing but not too dreamy and innocent, Japanese women be the right choice.

The importance of fashion

Okay, a lot of men usually do not pay much attention to what Japanese women wear. Nevertheless, they like girls who have a good fashion sense, even if they do not recognize or even notice it. So what about street fashion in Japan? Will you meet all those young ladies in Gothic clothes or girls looking like Sailor Moon? Well, maybe you will if you come to one of the Japanese biggest cities. However, most of Japanese women there wear classic, minimalist clothes and makeup that enhances their natural beauty.

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Cultural background of Japanese wives: qualities, features & lifestyle

Simply put, women in Japan are hot. This is a good reason to like someone, but it is not enough to start a serious relationship with someone, right? So, let us talk about Japanese brides inner beauty, qualities, and lifestyle.

  • Politeness and good manners. This is one of the myths about Asians that is 99% true. Yes, you can definitely expect your Japanese wife to be polite and well-mannered. Just remember that losing face is one of the worst things for Japanese people โ€“ be polite and well-mannered, too, and you will live a happy life together.
  • Smart. There are two kinds of people: those who think that Japanese brides are super submissive, focused on family only, and not educated and those who think that like all Japanese, they are super smart and highly educated. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in between. Do they respect their husbands and play the role of wife perfectly? Of course, they do. But Japanese brides also are more educated and smarter than you could ever think they were.
  • Kindness and care. All the above-mentioned things matter, but the ability of Japanese girls to express their love through care and their endless kindness makes them absolutely irresistible. That is why getting a Japanese bride is like winning a lottery.
  • Respect. Here is another thing that makes a lot of western guys go crazy about women from Japan. These girls really respect men. Japanese women for marriage are not pretending to be respectful or anything like that โ€“ such respect is just another part of their culture.
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Reasons to choose Japanese mail order wives

So, what are the most important reasons to marry a woman from Japan? In our opinion, the things about Japanese brides that make men take this step are as follows:

  1. This is a perfect mix of qualities โ€“ Japanese wives are kind, respectful, and at the same time, polite and well-mannered. Every man who cares not only about his own feelings but also about the opinion of his family and friends appreciates such a combination.
  2. Talent to hard work is one of the common qualities of Japanese people. This, along with their love for minimalism, cleanliness, and tidiness makes Japanese women just perfect.
  3. Honesty is another important virtue. Though Japanese brides are very polite and patient, they are honest, too. No, your Japanese mail order wife is not likely to share everything, literally everything she thinks with people who surround her, but if you ask anything, you will get an honest answer.

We believe that all these things should be appreciated by men who are dreaming of marrying a Japanese mail order bride.

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How to marry Japanese mail order brides

Are there any special rules to follow when finding a Japanese wife online or offline? How to live a happy life if your wife is from Japan? Here are the answers.

  • Learn the culture. Yes, it is not easy sometimes. We all need time to understand how things in another community work. Nevertheless, this is the step you need to take to get a Japanese wife.
  • Be brave and make a move. Japan is a quite traditional, conservative country where men take the lead, at least, when it comes to romance. Japanese woman will not take the first step. You need to do it.
  • Japanese mail order brides are not as passionate as ladies from other countries. Do not expect her to say, โ€œI love youโ€ in a month or two. Give her some time. Even if she feels this way, she will not tell you about it so soon.
  • Learn Japanese. Firstly, it is a fantastic skill. Secondly, your Japanese mail order bride will definitely like it. Thirdly, you will understand her if she is mad โ€“ women in this country often forget all English words when they are really emotional.
  • Appreciate their efforts. Japanese women are hard-working and caring. A husband of a Japanese wife is a happy man โ€“ home-cooked dinner will wait for him every evening, even she is tired. Just be grateful for what she is doing for you.
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Sounds not too complicated, right? It is even easier when you live with your true soulmate, a person who was made for you. Fortunately, there are the algorithms that can help you find a Japanese wife, and we will definitely get back to this later.

What do Japanese mail order wives expect from their husbands?

The great news is you do not have to be a superman to get a Japanese bride. You only need to be a good husband. What exactly does it mean? Let us find out.

  1. Always ready to help. Maybe, she will not even ask you for help. But she wants to know that you are always here for here, no matter if she needs help with household chores or with her business.
  2. Being loyal, honest, and faithful man is a must. Cheating, lies, anything like that, will make your wife stop loving you immediately. All these things are treated as disrespect, and disrespect is a good reason for divorce for Japanese girls.
  3. Work. Japanese women hate lazy men. You do not have to earn billions of dollars, and you have the right to relax in the evening with a couple of beers, but you should not be pathologically lazy.
  4. Love is above all. Of course, love is the key to happiness, no matter if your wife is Japanese, Korean, or Russian. Just be romantic, say warm words, i.e., show your wife how happy and grateful you are.
  5. Manliness and inner strength.Mail order brides love strong men, and it is not about the beard and broad shoulders. You just need to be brave enough to make serious decisions and protect your family no matter what.

Now you know how to be a good husband of Japanese bride. But how can someone who lives thousands of miles away meet her?

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How to find a Japanese mail order bride online

The Internet can do anything, including finding a Japanese wife for you. But, you need to know how to use it right. We mean, you can Google something like โ€œJapanese mail order brides buy onlineโ€ but you are likely to be really disappointed with the results, firstly, because you cannot buy anyone; secondly, you will hardly see only the trusted websites.

That is why we offer our assistance. It takes time and effort to find at least a few niche sites with real people and good services, and we have already done this work. Here, you can find only the top-ranked websites. However, if you want to do your own research, that is okay โ€“ we are even ready to share our strategy with you.

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Japanese bride cost

What is the average price of a Japanese mail order wife? There is no such thing, actually, but people often use this term when they mean the cost of dating services. So, is it expensive to find and marry a Japanese woman? Not really. The price of monthly membership varies from 10 to 100 dollars per month, and the total cost, including flights, hotels, flowers, etc. can be different. Moreover, it depends on you only โ€“ in Tokyo, for example, you can book a hotel for $500 or $100 dollars, visit a super luxurious or a regular restaurant, etc.

Final words

Are Japan brides special? Of course, they are โ€“ men from all over the globe go crazy about them for a reason. Still, not all of Japanese mail order brides take the first step to get a wife from Japan. We cannot make a choice for you, but we would definitely recommend you to try to make your dreams come true.

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