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What do Japanese women look like?

japanese beautiful mail bride

Physical appearance

Japanese girls are characterized by common Asiatic features like straight black hair, beautiful almond-shaped eyes, and dark pupils. They have beautiful white skin, and their youthfulness continues to puzzle me till this day. Japanese girls are not the busty, curvy kind of women you will find in Western and European countries. Japanese women are gifted with slim and petite figures. So if you're a man that loves women with large bust or curves, then James's girls are not in your league.

The thin nature of Japanese girls is matched with a pair of beautiful long legs. And this is one of the greatest assets of these women. You will love them, especially when they wear mini skirts which expose parts of their stockinged legs.

Their looks are not all they've got in terms of feminine endowments. A woman with outward beauty but lacks inward loveable traits is not a beautiful woman (maybe she is, but it doesn't last).

I'd describe Japanese girls as moderate. Japanese girls are also distinguished by their good manners and soft, sweet voices.

Japanese women are incredibly polite. I have heard some of them talk with both friends and strangers alike. And never did I hear any harsh sounding and ugly words from them.


japanese fashion bride

Fashion is an important element of beauty standards for Japanese women. When it comes to clothing, Japanese women have an idealized set of fascinating norms and preferences.

For example, they seem to have an attachment with colors like pink and red or clothing designs like bows and frills, and those are usually found in their apparels. As a foreign man, putting thoughts into these seemingly little observances can send the right message to your Japanese bride. When you buy her gifts, make sure you show good judgment of some of these things - a pink phone case, pleated skirts, sexy outfits with gorgeous frills, etc.

Japanese wife culture

Japanese wife culture

So what personality traits are peculiar to Japanese women? Note that these are defining characteristics of Japanese people generally, but we're going to relate them with Japanese women here. Let's consider a few.

Japanese women are polite

The Japanese are known for their remarkable politeness. They're very careful about how they treat others. They are not very vocal, so they would usually think before they talk. It's quite common to see the Japanese exchange bows when they meet. Handshakes are quite common among them, but they feel bows communicate more. Foreign men who have dated Japanese girls have attested to this positive trait among the Japanese.

Japanese brides are kind

Closely related to politeness, this is another quality peculiar to the Japanese. The Japanese are very thoughtful of others. They like to help people. It's a common practice to bring along gifts (especially food) when you visit other people's homes in Japan.

They are respectful

The Japanese take their custom of respect a bit too far. They're raised to show respect to people (especially elders) and respect for values. In Japan, respect is closely associated with age and wisdom. It's expected that the older a person gets, the wiser he becomes and so he is accorded deserving respect. When I say 'he’ this also applies to elderly women.

Typically, older adults are addressed more cautiously and formally. One may get into real trouble if he uses informal or casual language with an elder.

Japanese girls are intelligent

Everyone knows Asians are intelligent people. I don't know how scientifically true this is, but personally, I believe it to be true. Japanese technology, economy, systems, and organized nature are real pointers to this stereotype. Take a Japanese girl into your home and you will be amazed at how much improved your life will be. Their intelligence is an asset that manifests even in their homes.

They are formal

The Japanese are very formal people. They like to do things in an organized and neat manner. This positive attribute reflects in their speech and manner of handling things. Their formality levels with individuals depend on whom they are dealing with. It's usual for them to address people by putting a respectful tag to their names. With a Japanese girl, you're sure of a neat and organized home.

Four reasons why you should date Japanese girls

Japanese girl
  1. Japanese girls are polite, kind and respectful. These three qualities define their very core.
  2. Japanese ladies are hardworking. Many of them are gainfully employed but still manage to combine this well with their familial responsibilities.
  3. Cleanliness is next to Japan-lines (my coinage). Yes, the Japanese are known to be neat and organized people. A Japanese bride will organize your home and life. They don't like to be in untidy environments. She will clean the house, tend the garden, do the laundry and can even help you set and keep to your schedules.
  4. The Japanese are generally honest people.

How to win the heart of a Japanese bride

Charming your way into a Japanese girl's heart isn't exactly a walk in the park. In the first place, Japanese women are not much into foreign men. Over the years, the Japanese haven't really mixed up with people from other regions. Perhaps, this accounts for their homogeneous appearance.

So, to occupy a Japanese girl's mind and win her affection, you must do the following:

  • Ladies first: This is an unwritten rule for winning the heart of any woman in the world. If you are from a Western country, then you should understand how this principle works, which makes it pretty easy to win your Japanese bride.
  • Learn Japanese: It is no brainer. Learning the Japanese language will tell your new girlfriend that you are genuinely interested in her and find her culture interesting
  • Be nice to her friends and family: Asian girls are generally family oriented and have great care for their family and friends. The best way to win the heart of your Japanese girlfriend is to shower her family and friends with kindness, especially those who can't speak English. Again, you will need knowledge of the Japanese language here.
  • Learn to read between the lines: Women are strange creatures. They love guys who can read between the lines, and Japanese girls do theirs excessively. Always try to understand the message she is passing to you even when she is not directly saying it.
  • Help her do some chores: Women love men who help them in doing some household chores. Your Japanese bride would appreciate this as it would show her that you care for her.

What Japanese women expect from men

The Japanese are disciplined people who seem to have high standards for almost everything. An average Japanese woman expects the following.

  1. Japanese women want a man whose defining qualities are humility, faithfulness, intelligence, hardworking, and caring. Japanese women possess these qualities, so it's expected you have a matching or even superior dose of these brilliant qualities. No woman wants a man she will be dragging along.
  2. Honesty is appreciated and admired by the Japanese. Always be plain and sincere, but don't forget to be tactful.
  3. Like all women, Japanese ladies admire men who show good thoughts for their women's well-being. Love your wife and show concern.
  4. Gift your Japanese bride with meaningful items. These shouldn't be expensive but should convey the right message.
  5. Japanese men are stoics. Think samurai! Naturally, the women admire this masculine trait from the days of Adam. They like a man who can protect and provide for the family physically, emotionally and otherwise. No woman wants a grown baby.

Getting to know each other: First dates

Dating a Japanese girl should be a slow and soft approach. You have to take things a step at a time, show good judgment and go at her pace.

Show her reasons to consider you, and reasons to leave her countrymen whom they are usually too bonded to.

Slow and relaxed pace, good manners, thoughtfulness, and patience are vital elements of your love arsenal. On a date to dinner, she would allow you to decide things like the venue, sitting spot, food, and time. Please bear in mind that your dates will usually not be in the evenings. And sometimes, you can let her make the pick as she feels comfortable with.

Showing some chivalrous observances from the West like opening doors, allowing a lady to go before you and setting the chair for her to sit down, will charm her mind and move you a notch closer to her heart.

On date night, be honest, open, and careful with humor because of cultural differences which can cause misinterpretations.

How well do Japanese women make good wives?

Excellently well! Japanese women make good matrimonial partners. They show respect, love, kindness, and loyalty to their husbands. Their remarkable intelligence is an asset in raising well-trained children and a peaceful home. Their tremendous sense of order builds a home that I see mostly in TV adverts which usually depict a happy, lovely, and orderly family.

They are hardworking and contribute willingly to the family purse.

However, there is one thing we need to mention. Japanese ladies are calm, kind, and respectful, but this doesn't mean that after a wedding, she will turn into your servant. It's important to emphasize that though Japan is the traditional country where patriarchy is still prevalent, you can't just get a girl and start a family without even respecting her.

If you are lucky to win a Japanese lady's heart, don't waste your chance to live a happy life in a loving family. There is the only way not to ruin your dream life - just love your wife and respect her. Show her how much you appreciate her presence every single day, and you and your Japanese girl will live together happily ever after.

First date with Japanese


Our advice is for you to have a clear goal; be honest; highlight your best trait, and go for the kill! Did I omit something? Yes, be confident and trust your guts. You've been a James Bond with women. A Japanese bride will not be too far different.



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