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girl from Eastern Honeys
Eastern Honeys
  • EasternHoneys is an international website that bridges Asian people with members from other countries.
  • You can use both chat and mail features for communication. Also, every member can try a "wink at somebody" feature that is absolutely free and helps to take the first step.
  • The website offers a credit-based system that means purchasing each feature separately with no need to overpay for unnecessary functions during inactive periods.
  • The response rate and the general activity of female members are quite high. Moreover, most profiles contain profound details about members' background and dating goals.
Orchid Romance
Orchid Romance iconNEW
  • OrchidRomance is a dating site for single Asian ladies and men from all over the world. This platform promises its members the experience of finding their true soulmate online.
  • The design of OrchidRomance is very easy to understand and convenient to use. The site isn’t complicated in any manner and offers a perfect user experience to all members.
  • The premium rates on OrchidRomance are very affordable.
  • The high activity and response rate on OrchidRomance dating site are quite high. Almost all Asian girls’ profiles are detailed and contain high-quality photos.
Asian Melodies
Asian Melodies iconExcellent quality
  • Asian Melodies has everything you can expect a good legitimate dating service provider to have. Verification and moderation procedures are carried out to protect the community from any kind of spam or scam.
  • It is not a free dating website, but the prices here are compatible.
  • The costs for top-quality services do not differ much from the prices for using communication tools on other reliable sites.
  • If you are thinking about joining the best site for dating or even marriage, you can choose Asian Melodies without hesitation. It really has much to offer!
AsiaMe review
AsiaMe iconRecommended
  • AsiaMe is one of the most fast-growing and promising online dating websites with big profile base, scam-free community, and daily matches.
  • The AsiaMe team emphasizes that this site is not for people seeking affairs. It was created for men and women who are looking for a loving, supportive, and caring partner.
  • Extremely powerful search algorithm and all kinds of filters are a huge advantage for everyone who does not want to wait and want to find his or her soulmate as quickly as possible.
  • The site is very easy-to-use and absolutely safe. The system protects members from scammers and spammers, and their personal data cannot be shared with any other parties.
Date Asian Woman
Date Asian Woman iconBest Price Value
  • 12,000 active Asian girls online
  • 20 years of experience in dating
  • Beauties from Japan, Thailand, the Philippines
  • Effective matchmaking system
  • Mobile app with access to all the Qpid projects
  • Authentic profiles with verified videos
  • Mobile number verification
Asian Beauty Online review
Asian Beauty Online
  • The site is free to register and easy to access
  • Thousands of active single women
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android users
  • Video shows available
  • Profile verification via email, mobile, ID

Exotic And Delicate Chinese Brides

Chinese Mail Order Brides

Chinese women are known worldwide for their delicate nature and their special, exotic beauty. The body awareness of Asian women, in particular, is an outstanding characteristic. The delicate figures, the small body size, and the almond-shaped eyes attract not only the Asian men but also the men from the other continents. It is therefore not surprising that many Western men see a Chinese woman as an absolute dream woman.

What makes Chinese mail order brides so great?

A pronounced awareness of body and beauty can be said of almost every Chinese woman. This ranges from a stylish outfit that fits the moment, to a neat appearance. In addition to modern hairstyles and well-groomed nails, this also includes beautiful and carefully applied make-up. When it comes to appearance, Chinese brides usually don't leave anything to chance. The ideal of beauty for mostly all Chinese females is a slim figure and big eyes with long angelic lashes.

With a mostly small body size and a low weight, Chinese girls almost always look extremely delicate, sometimes almost childish. Due to the slimness of the Chinese women, they usually place special emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. In addition to a balanced and light diet, fitness also plays an important role in their everyday life. When it comes to showing a little skin, most Chinese women, unlike European or American women, do not choose their cleavage but emphasize their legs. These are often put on display by wearing very short skirts or dresses, while the upper body remains covered.

Patient and loyal Chinese girls for marriage

Many Chinese girls for marriage are naturally calm and cheerful. They are generally not demanding, but rather modest, loyal, and patient. Chinese ladies usually have a very positive outlook on life, are often humorous, and look to the future with hope. Like any other woman, Chinese females expect their partner to treat them with respect. Many of them want a Western man who can protect them and take good care of them and their families. Chinese women also value good manners.

Most women from China want a man who has a sense of humor and makes them laugh, and who is also confident, romantic, and courageous. If this man still has an attractive appearance and some fortune, this is certainly not a disadvantage. However, for most Chinese mail order brides, personality is the most important thing when looking for a partner. Every man can be sure, that almost all of the Chinese beauties are honest and longing for love and family, instead of finding a rich man from another country.

meet Chinese brides

What is important for Chinese women?

The most important characteristic that Chinese ladies expect from a partner hardly differs from what almost every woman would like. Namely a loyal, confident, and honest behavior. The man should, therefore, be able to take care of his wife and their children too. Chinese women also attach great importance to intelligence and hard work. As an effect on these traits, the man should have a well-paid, respected, and above all safe and reputable job. Also, Chinese women are proud and like to be considered

Chinese women spend a lot of time to emphasize feminine, as this is the most important feature of their beauty and attractiveness. More and more Chinese mail order brides, especially in big cities like Shanghai, express their desire to marry a foreigner rather than a Chinese. Chinese women are proud and like to be considered.

Why do Chinese brides choose Western men?

In addition to all of these points, love and family are the most important things in the life of every Chinese bride, all these points are just additional reasons for Chinese women to leave their home countries. That’s why they are not afraid to leave China, once they have met their ideal Western husband.

Reason 1

First of all, Chinese women find Western men very attractive and confident. For mostly all beauties in China, a Western man is a dream.

Reason 2

In the minds of Chinese women, foreign Western men are richer, and getting married to him means a better life for her. If there are more and more millionaires in China, most Chinese men are not rich or even poor. Finding a foreign husband would, therefore, be more secure for the future.

Reason 3

China today is still trying to attract foreign investors and almost everything from abroad is worshiped. Marrying a foreign man is naturally assimilated as an increase in his social status.

Reason 4

Some Chinese women want to marry a foreigner as it gives the opportunity to travel to other countries. Indeed, many Chinese wish to visit other countries but meet few opportunities in their life.

Reason 5

Chinese women think foreign men are more courteous, tender, and romantic. They often learn from films that foreign men are very polite and gentle; naturally, these gentlemen attract a large number of Chinese beauties. The Western men are notably seen as romantic even today; An image conveyed by Western films and novels that attracts Chinese women for marriage.

Reason 6

Marrying a Western man is a good way for a Chinese bride to satisfy her curiosity. Too familiar with the Chinese traditions, customs and their lifestyle, they sometimes want some changes.

Reason 7

Other Chinese women, constantly in contact with foreigners whether in their studies or their work, will marry a foreign man naturally.

Reason 8

When marrying a Western man, some of these women think that they will be placed on an equal footing with their husbands and that they will have more opportunities in work. Indeed, many Chinese still have in mind the idea that men are the main providers in the family, and have to take care of her and their children.

Chinese mail order brides

Tips to find your ideal Chinese bride

Meeting a Chinese woman is not always easy, so it is important, before embarking on the search for the ideal person, to define the nature of the desired relationship, whether it is simply to widen your circle of friends or to find your charming future wife.

For Chinese people, finding a Chinese woman is much less complicated than for Western men, who often find themselves faced with language and culture barriers. In order to start a healthy relationship, it is advisable to have a common language for communication, which may require some to learn Mandarin Chinese. An "evil" necessary for any lasting relationship. Of course, ideally one of them will speak the other's language fluently.

It should be noted that Chinese mail order brides are quite attracted to foreigners, who therefore have no difficulty getting an appointment with them. They generally find interaction with another culture or another language interesting.

Online dating services to meet your bride from China

Like everywhere else, there are in particular online dating agencies that help every man to find and date the woman of his dreams. It is then necessary to be cautious in choosing the organization with which you will contact, and understand the real motivation of the people we will meet. For this reason, it is very important to choose a reputable online dating service. If you decided to visit China to meet a Chinese bride, nothing guarantees that you will leave China with the chosen one of your heart or even that you will find your soul mate. Nowadays, the most accessible option to find your Chinese beauty without worries is using online dating services.

Tips while dating a Chinese woman

The main goal of Chinese women in life is to have family more than to be successful generally. It is still a bit old-fashioned, but on the first date, they can appear a little bit reserved and shy. That’s why it is very important to give her some time patiently and show her your real feelings. Avoid physical contact during the first meetings. If the Chinese woman you are attracted to has not lived abroad for a long time, she may be shocked if you touch her arm or kiss her. However, young women from big cities are more open and may not be embarrassed by your tactile side.

Always try to be yourself while remaining respectful and understandable in the face of differences that may arise. Never put her in an embarrassing situation, even for laughs, because normally polite and courteous Chinese ladies tend to avoid rude and uneducated people. Avoid intrusive or politically charged questions. In any situation, stay calm and avoid raising your voice in her presence. Romance, tenderness, and patience are the best ways to win the heart of your Chinese dream beauty.

To Sum Up

Finally, the most important thing in every relationship is to have patience and understanding and to listen to each other carefully. As a rule, problem situations can be resolved quickly and confidently. If the Chinese woman is treated with respect and feel loved and safe, nothing will stand in the way of a successful and happy relationship with your mail order bride.

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