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Chinese Mail Order Brides

AsiaCharm review
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  • AsiaCharmhelps men from various countries, in particular from the developed ones meet young and beautiful Asian women from Thailand, the Philippines, and other countries.
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  • Extremely powerful search algorithmand all kinds of filters are a huge advantage for everyone who does not want to wait and want to find his or her soulmate as quickly as possible.
  • The site is veryeasy-to-use and absolutely safe. The system protects members from scammers and spammers, and their personal data cannot be shared with any other parties.
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Asian Melodies
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Chinese Mail Order Brides:Facts And Myths About Beautiful And Loyal 

asian mail order brides

More recently, relationships and marriages between China wives and foreign men have become more common. In 1983, marriages between a Chinese ladies and a Western men were a big sensation. This may sound old-fashioned, but in some Chinese families, girls could not even talk to a man of another ethnicity, not to mention something more intimate. It took 36 years to make China an “open” country, where people of any nationality can start a relationship with each other.

Today, men have lots of opportunities to meet Chinese women. They enter foreign universities, visit other countries, and of course, look for love online. Are they better than women you can meet in your own city? Who knows? Every man should answer this question for himself. Our goal is to tell you everything you need to know about these exotic women and places to find them.

Why do Chinese brides choose foreign men?

beautiful asian women

It is pretty obvious that Chinese families moved away from a medieval stereotype: today Chinese women meet foreign men, start a relationship and marry guys from other countries more and more often, which begs the question. Why are Chinese women looking for husbands in other countries?

Reason #1 – Career

Although Chinese society is changing, some things remain unchanged. Men from China still want a super loyal, absolutely family-oriented, and even submissive wife. That is why Chinese girls for marriage often feel socially disadvantaged and start looking for a man who would treat them like someone equal. In other words, a lot of these women want to meet a husband who will share their new values.

Reason #2 – The age

Some Chinese beauties start building their careers right after graduation. Of course, some time passes before they get engaged. By the time they decide to start a family, most of them are considered too old. Western men are less concerned about the age and often want to meet a well-educated woman, not just a young woman.

Reason #3 – Social pressure and dowry

If a 30-year old woman in one of the western countries is single, it is absolutely normal. But it is not normal in Chinese society. This is directly connected to the previous reason. It is like a vicious circle: a girl needs to get married because she is “too old” and often cannot get married because she is “too old.” Moreover, there is another important thing that influences society greatly. Lots of men are single just because they cannot pay a dowry for a bride. The prices vary in a wide range, but it is still too much for a lot of local guys.

Reason #4 – Western values

The thing is there is a conflict of interest between local guys who want to marry a “traditional”, conservative girl and Chinese ladies who are less conservative today. In other words, women who choose Western men are often driven by a certain motive. They expect to them to treat females an equal, to support their opinion on career and self-development, to be partners, not the masters. This however, does not mean that Chinese mail order brides are as independent and career-oriented as western girls, not at all. But they are often much more progressive than conservative Chinese people expect them to be.

What are Chinese mail order brides like?

chinese mail order brides

Why do we like some people and do not like others? What influences our choice? In general, there are at least two most significant factors. Firstly, we choose someone emotionally, depending on how much we like someone’s appearance and behavior. In this case, we do not really analyze anything – we are attracted to someone immediately or remain indifferent.

Secondly, we take into account certain characteristics and values that a person has. This is a rational analysis. We are just trying to understand what a person has to offer and find out if his or her priorities, goals, characteristics, personality traits are ok for you or us and vice versa.

It may seem that no one can analyze the character of the whole nation, and this is a kind of true. Still, we cannot also deny that people of certain ethnicity often have much in common. Chinese singles, for instance, can be divided into two groups: modern ladies and more traditional girls.

Modern Chinese ladies for marriage are:

  • Warm and more sociable – they have an active lifestyle, lots of friends, and they do not mind meeting a foreigner and knowing him a little better.
  • Independent – they do not feel the need to rely on someone or something. They make money, build careers, and have their own interests.
  • Ambitious – they want to achieve success in the nearest future and work hard to meet this goal.
  • Highly educated –they know that they need to study well to become a professional in any field. They really focus on their education, cope with all difficulties, and start building careers.

Traditional Chinese wifes, in turn, are more:

  • Family-oriented – they are still less family-oriented than ladies who lived a hundred years ago, but there is no denying that family is the top priority for many China wives.
  • Shy and modest – and again, mail order Chinese brides are not as modest as in movies about medieval China, but they are less emotional than most Western ladies.
  • Respectful – respect to husband has been a core value of the Chinese society for centuries, and it is still preserved in a lot of traditional families. You can expect your wife to be non-confrontational, of course, if you marry “a traditional girl.”

Of course, none of the Chinese girls is exactly like a modern or traditional lady described above. It is impossible to list the characteristics that all people have, even if they live in one social and cultural environment. Moreover, there are also so-called mixed types of Chinese singles, so no one can guarantee you that your girlfriend will have certain traits. Nevertheless, the majority of these women are sweet, very polite, friendly, cute, and loyal. In our opinion, this is what makes them great wife and explains why so many men are dreaming of them.

Dating tips

beautiful chinese women

Chinese etiquette is a good topic for dissertation. There are tons of nuances you need to keep in mind when dating a Chinese girl.

  • Do not meet her parents if you are not really serious about the lady. This is a big step for Asian people, so do not take it if you are not sure if you want to marry this girl.
  • Show respect to her family. No matter what is your motivation, if you want to start a relationship with a girl from China, show respect to her mom and dad. Ask her about their health, show her that her life really interests you, and you will win her heart.
  • Do not try to get her full attention. Some men want girls to have only one priority in life – a relationship. Even if she loves you much, she should not forget about other important things. Who needs someone who has no interests and goals? If you want to win a girl’s heart, be nice and polite with her friends.
  • Chinese people always keep a public face, and this is a skill you need to develop. This is one of the core social values: none of the Chinese women will show you that she is sad or frustrated or angry. A smile and politeness are the symbols of this country, just like dragons and geishas.
  • Avoid political discussions. Moreover, you should avoid all controversial topics that could be interpreted as disrespect to anyone.

There is another important tip on dating a Chinese woman. Do not drink too much. China is a very special land with its own traditions and values. Chinese men drink a lot, it is true. However, there is an interesting fact about how people there treat men who drink alcohol. If you are poor, cannot afford much and provide your family with everything they need, drinking is considered awful. But if you make a lot of money, the fact that you want to relax is ok. Nevertheless, even if you are a rich man, do not drink too much. A healthy lifestyle is your advantage over Chinese guys.

Where to find Chinese wife?

mail order brides china

Probably, the answer is: “In China?” Yes, this is a great option, but it has its disadvantages. Foreign men get a lot of attention, always, everywhere. This country is developing incredibly fast, and it is very progressive. Mass culture influences it greatly, but it is still not enough to stop Chinese people from taking photos of every white person in a subway. We want to say that if you come to China, there is a chance of finding a girl, and it is pretty big.

Nevertheless, not every man can afford this. It is not only about money but also about changing a lifestyle completely. China is not like a European country with its monumental architecture and beautiful nature or the US with its skyscrapers and long roads – it is a land where 1,3 billion people live! Level of air pollution there is just terrible, cities are overcrowded, and what a surprise – you can hardly find a traditional Chinese building. In other words, a very few men are ready to take such a big step and move to this beautiful but not a perfect country.

That is why lots of men use Asian dating sites to find Chinese wife. It is easy if you know how things really work. Here are the most useful tips that can help you meet the girl of your dreams in a far country.

Find a good platform

There are a few most important features that distinguish a good site from a bad one. They are a good support, good design and user-friendly interface, free sign up, real profiles (just check a few random photos in Google), video chat and opportunity to request contacts of a particular member, great security system, powerful search algorithms, and system of finding matches. The last but not the least is the number of female members.

Set up a profile

Provide detailed information about yourself. This is very important if you are looking for a girl who will really make your life better, not a random beauty. Upload your real photos and videos – profiles with such materials have a much higher response rate.

Use search algorithms to find attractive women

We all have different values, hobbies, habits, etc. The thing is to find a person who will make you happy. This is possible only if you know what exactly you need or if you are a very lucky man. Choose the marital status, education, eye color and go ahead. The system will find the best matches.

Use various communication tools

If you want to meet your dream girl, you need to use various communication services provided by top platforms. Text chatting is not enough to become really close. If you think that one of the girls on the site is the woman you always dreamed about, arrange phone calls, invite her to video chat, and send her a cute little gift. You will understand if she is the one. After that, you can visit China to meet her in person.


Cultural gap may be a problem, but this is not something you cannot cope with, of course, if you are really interested in meeting a Chinese girl. They are absolutely worth every effort you make to break it up. Ancient traditions should never be underestimated, but the time goes by, and everything is changing. Now China is open for love, and every man has a chance to meet Chinese girl online.