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The dating industry has existed for centuries, and like most other niches, it was constantly evolving, changing, and adapting to new social trends. There was a time when it was very, very controversial, to say the least (a few decades ago men could choose women from printed catalogues), but we do like what it is now.

Nowadays, the good dating sites donโ€™t just try to find a hot woman from the developing Asian countries and connect her with a man who earns enough to pay for dating services. Today, high-quality platforms connect singles with different cultural backgrounds and make every effort to help them make contact, get closer, and start their own happy love story.

This is what inspires us โ€” the team of AsianBride.me. We want to make our contribution to connecting people. We donโ€™t own Asian dating sites, but we know how to distinguish good platforms from the bad ones and what information on the site is really important for an online dater โ€” thatโ€™s why we write very detailed reviews of top niche dating websites. Moreover, we know that information about national characteristics is essential too โ€” thatโ€™s why we create full guides on dating women from particular Asian countries. Of course, we have the team managed by our top specialists, Amelia Davis and Daniel Garcia who make every effort to provide you with the top content about the best international dating platforms, top Asian countries to meet a girlfriend, and local dating cultures.

About the team of AsianBride.me

Who creates the content for AsianBride.me? We have a big team guided and inspired by 2 top specialists โ€” our chief editor, Daniel Garcia, and content manager, Amelia Davis. They have different stories, but there is at least one thing they both have in common โ€” they truly believe that people shouldnโ€™t limit themselves to looking for an ideal match in their own country. They know exactly that there are a lot western men who would be happy with an Asian girlfriend, and their goal is to tell them how they can find them and what a cross-cultural relationship is really like.

Shahriar Romel
The quality and usefulness of the content is essential, but Shahriar Romel, our chief editor, knows that readability and structure matter a lot, too. He and his team are the ones who check all the information and make sure that it can be read and understood easily.
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