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Eastern Honeys
  • EasternHoneys is an international website that bridges Asian people with members from other countries.
  • You can use both chat and mail features for communication. Also, every member can try a "wink at somebody" feature that is absolutely free and helps to take the first step.
  • The website offers a credit-based system that means purchasing each feature separately with no need to overpay for unnecessary functions during inactive periods.
  • The response rate and the general activity of female members are quite high. Moreover, most profiles contain profound details about members' background and dating goals.
Orchid Romance
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  • OrchidRomance is a dating site for single Asian ladies and men from all over the world. This platform promises its members the experience of finding their true soulmate online.
  • The design of OrchidRomance is very easy to understand and convenient to use. The site isn’t complicated in any manner and offers a perfect user experience to all members.
  • The premium rates on OrchidRomance are very affordable.
  • The high activity and response rate on OrchidRomance dating site are quite high. Almost all Asian girls’ profiles are detailed and contain high-quality photos.
Asian Melodies
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  • Asian Melodies has everything you can expect a good legitimate dating service provider to have. Verification and moderation procedures are carried out to protect the community from any kind of spam or scam.
  • It is not a free dating website, but the prices here are compatible.
  • The costs for top-quality services do not differ much from the prices for using communication tools on other reliable sites.
  • If you are thinking about joining the best site for dating or even marriage, you can choose Asian Melodies without hesitation. It really has much to offer!
AsiaMe review
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  • AsiaMe is one of the most fast-growing and promising online dating websites with big profile base, scam-free community, and daily matches.
  • The AsiaMe team emphasizes that this site is not for people seeking affairs. It was created for men and women who are looking for a loving, supportive, and caring partner.
  • Extremely powerful search algorithm and all kinds of filters are a huge advantage for everyone who does not want to wait and want to find his or her soulmate as quickly as possible.
  • The site is very easy-to-use and absolutely safe. The system protects members from scammers and spammers, and their personal data cannot be shared with any other parties.
Date Asian Woman
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  • 12,000 active Asian girls online
  • 20 years of experience in dating
  • Beauties from Japan, Thailand, the Philippines
  • Effective matchmaking system
  • Mobile app with access to all the Qpid projects
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Main Insights Of SingleAsianGirls

  • SingleAsianGirls is an effective dating platform that connects singles from different parts of the world with beautiful Asian ladies.
  • SingleAsianGirls dating platform has a great number of Asian ladies’ profiles and provides users with an extended search tool.
  • The process of signing up on SingleAsianGirls is absolutely free and simple. The entire process will take less than 5 minutes for users, and it’s absolutely worth it.
  • SingleAsianGirls has very inexpensive premium rates and offers its users different packages, so every member can choose the most affordable option.

Indonesian Brides And Dates - Meet Your Wife In Exotic Indonesia

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White-sand beaches, beautiful flowers, exotic fruits, and friendly locals are just a tiny part of this amazing country and its culture. Indonesia is absolutely worth visiting, not least because it will surprise you a lot. This is a very special country with ancient traditions, fantastic nature, and thousands of hot Indonesian women for marriage.

Tourists usually come to visit Bali, but we want to offer you another type of journey. Let take a closer look at the country's greatest treasure - beautiful Indonesian women and their life. We are going to analyze their characteristics, values, and lifestyle to understand them better. We will also discuss the platforms where you can meet them and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Who are Indonesian mail order brides?

Of course, any person is unique. We do not claim that Indonesia is inhabited by people with similar personality traits, but there are a few important things you need to know about this nation. Firstly, we would like to say a few words about their character and habits. Marrying an Indonesian woman is like buying a winning ticket. These ladies are sweet and incredibly friendly and hot, modest and loving, they are the best mothers ever, and they do household chores and run business equally well.

Why would any of them become a foreign bride? Well, there are a lot of reasons that explain such a trend.

A foreign man - A hot man!

The first reason may surprise you, but it is true. Indonesian brides love foreign guys. Ok, all Indonesians go crazy about the foreign guests. Every man who comes to this exotic country feels like a rock star or at least like a really, really attractive woman. People stop you in the streets to take a photo with you, is not it sweet? In other words, local hotties are dreaming of dating a foreign guy. Pretty weird for a Muslim country, but as we mentioned, Indonesia will surprise you!

Islam has its rules

beautiful indonesian women

As you probably know, having more than one wife is still possible in Muslim countries. We would like to emphasize that we are not trying to downgrade or judge the religion - we just describe facts as they are. A few interviews with women who live in Indonesia and some other Muslim states were pretty interesting. According to the Quran, a man can marry more than one woman if he can provide the guarantees of financial stability. This, however, cannot save loving wives from suffering.

Although such polygamous marriages take place not too often, there are a few reasons why man can choose another woman. Firstly, if a wife cannot give birth to a child, a husband is likely to find a second wife. Secondly, he can do this if he wants to. So why not marry a foreigner? We should emphasize that you can marry a Muslim girl only if you convert to Islam, but it does not scare beautiful Indonesian women. They know that a Western man will hardly look for a second wife.

Standards of living in Indonesia

The second reason is economic conditions. Unfortunately, the country's economy is still developing, and now Indonesia can be called the land of contrasts. Big cities are modern and developed, while the provinces and villages are incredibly poor. Women in Indonesia are used to working hard, so no wonder that they are looking for a better life, not only for themselves but also for their future kids. That is why marrying a foreigner from a Western country is a dream of lots of girls there. This, however, does not mean that you can buy a girl and make her your servant. Some of the ladies who were dating Western guys notice that some of them want just a submissive wife. None of these stories came to a happy ending.

What to expect from Indonesian women for marriage?

asian mail order brides

What separates Indonesian brides for the rest of women of the world? Are they really special or not? No one wants a pig in a poke, and that is why we advise you to read the info below carefully. Try to know girls from Indonesia a little better before you make your choice.

What do these girls look like?

It is not a secret that man cannot resist a woman's beauty. So are the Indonesian brides attractive? Of course, they are. Besides, unlike women in other Muslim countries, these beauties do not hesitate to show their faces. Moreover, almost all of them wear great makeup! They are not like ladies in the Arab Emirates who hide literally everything. The beauty industry in Indonesia is very developed - there are beauty salons, manicure and pedicure studios, boutiques and other places where ladies are making themselves even more beautiful. Frankly, the fascinating natural beauty of Indonesian women does not even need a tune-up, but who can stop a lady on her way to perfection?

Submissive or progressive?

Indonesian women are a new phenomenon of the modern world. They are not the typical Muslim ladies - they wear makeup, do not hide their faces, and more importantly, there are more girls in schools and local universities. Furthermore, women in Indonesia hold seats in the national parliament and run their own businesses. They are breaking down the stereotypes, and it is fantastic. That is why lots of men from various countries want to meet Indonesian women to marry one of them. Relationship with such a girl is not a relationship with a beautiful but a narrow-minded person. This is the companionship, partnership of two people who share their deep thoughts and opinions.

Nothing is more important than family

Family is sacred to all Indonesians. Maybe the reason is Asian mentality, or religion, or the fact that divorces are discouraged in society. Nevertheless, this is a fact we cannot deny. Meeting parents, for instance, means two things. Firstly, a girl is really committed to a relationship with you (she is dreaming about a wedding dress actually).

Secondly, your future happiness depends on the impression you make on her parents. Take it seriously: some westerners cannot even imagine how important it is and how much influence it has on their girlfriends. Most women there live with their parents until they marry a good guy. In other words, if you do not get her parents' approval, you two are likely to break up. There is another thing that you also need to keep in mind: even if you two move to your country, she will never forget about her family. Not too bad news for you, especially if you find some common ground.

Things to consider before marrying an Indonesian women

indonesian mail order brides

So, if you want to meet Indonesian singles, you have a good taste. These girls are very feminine, loyal, supportive, and smart. Sounds like a dream, right? If you are serious about your future girlfriend, marriage, and family, you might be interested to know a few things about dating Indonesian women and the local wedding traditions.

Wedding traditions

If you want to marry a girl in Indonesia, you need to know a few facts about the wedding ceremony in this country. If a Muslim couple wants to make things legal, bride and fiancé usually have their ceremonies conducted in the Office of Religious Affairs. Others submit a special application to Civil Registration. Foreigners who want to marry Indonesian singles, in turn, are required to do pre-ceremony photo sessions and hold special receptions.

The issue of premarital sex

As mentioned above, Indonesia is a Muslim country. Of course, premarital sex is not a normal thing there. It is considered that girls should not be involved in an intimate relationship before marriage, but we cannot say that this never happens. The partners are trying to hide the fact that they are really close, but this also does not mean that you can expect your Indonesian girlfriend to be very passionate before you know each other better.

Where to meet Indonesian Singles?

In general, there are only two ways to meet Indonesian singles. You can move to Indonesia or search for your future bride on the web. Both of these options are great. Indonesia is a wonderful country with beautiful nature, rich traditions, and friendliest people ever, so if you have an opportunity to move there, you should not miss this chance. The second option, in turn, is the best one for those who cannot leave their homeland and want to save some money. Where to find Indonesian women on the web? Of course, on dating sites.

All international dating platforms may be grouped into three categories:

  • Free international dating sites. These platforms connect different people from around the globe. If you want to have some fun, joining such a site is a good idea. Who knows, maybe you are a lucky man, and you will meet Indonesian women there, but you should not have high expectations for free sites for some reasons. In particular, not all profiles there are real, no one will protect you from the scam, and you can meet fraudsters who want your money. If you are serious about finding your future wife, this is not the best option.
  • Paid international dating sites. Joining one of the paid sites is a better idea. We do not get a commission from any platforms, so we do not want to make you pay for the services because it is beneficial to 'all parties involved.’ Paid sites are just better. Accounts are real, there is no scam or spam, and the support usually works 24/7. However, these platforms have one significant disadvantage. You never know if a girl you are talking to wants to marry a good guy, have some fun, satisfy her ego, look for a boyfriend, etc. In other words, everyone has his or her own goals and intentions.
  • Paid mail order bride sites. Such sites stand out in the dating industry. Moreover, they have a significant advantage over paid dating websites. The idea is to connect men who are ready to settle down and start a family in the nearest future and women who have the same goal. The pricing policies do not differ much from the policies of dating sites, you will hardly pay more. Mail order bride agencies also arrange romance tours, and this is a good bonus for a man who wants to meet his Indonesian love and take the next step in a relationship.
indonesian mail order brides


A lot of guys are dreaming of dating Indonesian women. Today it is possible, no matter where you come from. Indonesia is a unique country - it is like a bridge between ancient Asian traditions and Western countries. Such a mix is just fantastic, so if you are single and ready to settle down, do not miss your chance to meet a gorgeous Indonesian girl!

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