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Filipino Women Seduction Tips: Dos & Don’ts

Filipino women have been proved to make excellent girlfriends and be personalities a typical Western person is not used to. Much more friendly, easy-going, always smiling, and soft-hearted, they win over the heart of males all around the world. However, how to seduce a Filipino woman and make her swoon over you? Just being a white man, of course, raises your chances, given that all foreigners look impressive through the eyes of Filipino women. But you can’t only rely on the appearance. Modern ladies claim that an attitude and a character matter much more. Moreover, if you know the turn-ons of local women, expect you to win this game. So, what should you do to get the affection of a filipina seeking marriage?

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Tips to follow to attract a Filipino bride


Trying to seduce your woman, you can try all possible ways, but miss something important behaving the same as if you were in your home country. But here, in the Philippines, the rules of dating are dictated by society. Typical Filipino people have strong oriental values, but they are not so low-key and restricted as other Asian cultures. Here, read ahead 5 rules that will give you some “pogi points”.

  • Be a man with a plan. Filipino women are ones of the most hard-working ladies you can find. They are motivated, used to putting effort into getting what they want, and they expect the same from you. Starting from a job position and plans for life and till the choice of a venue for a nice dinner — show to your date that you can lead and make decisions.
  • Show your sense of humor. As the cornerstone of Filipino society, funny and smiling people are highly appreciated. Besides, local women adore men who can make them laugh. Give her a few awesome lines, and you are in her contact list.
  • Show her that family goes first. No matter if it’s your family or hers, make sure you behave with respect. Close family ties are deeply rooted in their society. She may be asking about your parents or relatives, and if you talk about them positively, she will project this idea onto your personality. Besides, you will definitely meet her parents. Thus, remember, impressing a Filipino bride means impressing her family.
  • Show your interest in anything related to the Philippines and their culture. But do not stick to stereotypes and cliché. Try to learn more about Filipino cuisine other than Pancit, Bulot, or Lumpia. Besides, avoid any inappropriate remarks about her country. Some Filipino women even claim that doing some cultural activities like riding a Jeepney makes them feel that a man is really into them. Also, it may be a real fun, so why not?
  • Take it slow. Hurrying up with your relationship and being too much insistent can easily scare her off. Slow and steady wins the race, so take your time and wait for appropriate moments.

Things-to-avoid if you are interested in a Filipino woman for marriage


How to seduce a Filipino woman? Sometimes, you not only need to know about local dating tidbits but also not behave in an appropriate for a Filipino culture way. So, discover top-3 things you shouldn’t do if you want her to fall for you.

  • Don’t react too rude if she got offended at you. Tampó, in Filipino culture, refers to a behavior in which a person withdraws his or her affection or cheerfulness from a person who has hurt his or her feelings. Taking into consideration that Filipino women can sometimes be quite emotional, this kind of behavior may seem to be illogical and not really understandable. The key is not to be swayed by emotions, but to communicate the reason for her behavior and be really kind.
  • Do not start a conflict if she is late. Filipino time is a common phenomenon when people can be late from minutes to hours. Do not reproach her because it’s a part of the culture. Just get used and plan your time to adjust to the local habits.
  • Do not take for granted her dedication. Filipino women for marriage are, indeed, sacrifice their needs for the benefit of the family. You will be surprised by how much she is caring and helpful. But keep in mind that you can’t use it in your interest. Mutual understanding and love is a must. Once her trust is broken, it will be quite difficult to gain it again.

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To sum up

There is no arguing with the fact that Filipino mail order brides are exotic and very different from the women you may have dated in the past. If this is your first time dating a Filipino girl, or you are only thinking about doing it, then there are many issues to take into account and prepare for in order to make your relationship successful.

At the same time, it’s essential not to overthink things. When there is a connection between you and a Filipino woman for marriage, you will soon realize that you don’t really need detailed A to Z guides or step-by-step conversation tutorials to successfully date that lady. What you need is a genuine attraction and a desire to be together despite all odds, whether it’s long distance, language barrier, age difference, or any other factor. When there is the same goal and a sincere desire to get there together, you and your Filipino woman for marriage will get there no matter what.

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