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Choosing The Best Country For Mail Order Brides From Asia

Filipino mail order bride
Filipino Mail Order Brides

No wonder that men have certain questions about Filipinas. For instance, most of them want to know if these girls are ready to marry an older man, if they are easy or not, and if they are still beautiful in their 40s or 50s. We will answer all these questions below.

Japanese mail order brides
Japanese Mail Order Brides

Japanese girls are characterized by common Asiatic features like straight black hair, beautiful almond-shaped eyes, and dark pupils. They have beautiful white skin, and their youthfulness continues to puzzle me till this day.

Korean Mail order bride
Korean Mail Order Brides

Korean women are blessed with a firm, but petite or curvaceous bodies, straight, glossy, jet-black hair which is usually braided perfectly, gorgeous brown or dark eyes, and creamy white radiant skin. They are stylish and very delicate, though not as fragile as you may think.

Thailand mail order bride
Thai Mail Order Brides

Thailand is home to beautiful women who will capture your interest with their smile, slender physique, beautiful face, and gentle steps. Women in Thailand are crazy about their skin and hair. You'd find great skin tone and silky hair to be a common feature among them.

Vietnamese mail order bride
Vietnamese Mail Order Brides

Why do hot Vietnamese women make the best wives? Is marrying a Vietnamese mail order bride the right decision? On, you will find all the information you need to consider when choosing a spouse from Vietnam. We will also provide you with the info about the best places where you can meet lots of beautiful Vietnamese singles.

Chinese mail order brides
Chinese Mail Order Brides

China is a very traditional country. Lots of foreigners are dreaming of meeting a beautiful, loyal, and sweet girl from China for marriage, and some even make it come true. How did they win the Chinese ladies’ hearts? Are Chinese brides for marriage really family-oriented, shy, and respectful? Where to find them? In this article, you will find all the answers to these questions.

Indian mail order brides
Indian Mail Order Brides

Indian ladies are some of the most desirable brides in the world. They have a unique beauty, a talent to reconcile work and family life. If you are going to marry an Indian women, you need to learn everything about these exotic ladies. Our goal is to provide all the info you need, from the description of their characteristics to prices and places where you can find them.

Indonesian mail order bride
Indonesian Mail Order Brides

Indonesian brides are stunningly beautiful, highly educated, and they always put family first. What else a single man can ask for? Nevertheless, Indonesia is a far country with its own traditions and mentality. We’ll provide you with all the info about Indonesian girls for marriage to help you find out if brides from this country meet your expectations.

Why Asian women?

Asian women

Men from the USA, UK, and some other Western countries go crazy about Asian women. Some people are sure that it’s called "Asian fetish", but it has nothing to do with fetishization in reality.

The real reason is much simpler: the Asian women are just awesome. Let’s take a brief look at why men love them so much.

There arethree main reasonswhy men from Western countries prefer Asian mailorder brides —beauty, valuesandfamily-orientation.

  1. Beauty.You’ve probably heard about beautiful Asian women, right? The thing is, Asian beauty is something different. Their faces are very feminine, they look girly and youthful (even if they aren't actually young), they are tall and small — and the combination of all these features make them extremely attractive. What’s more, they know how to use makeup and they are really stylish. All these things together make mail order Asian brides look stunning.
  2. Traditional values.Some call it gender inequality, the others call it traditional values. It's up to you how to call it, but facts are facts: Asian ladies are humble, respectful, and they are used to traditional gender roles. It doesn't mean that they are too humble or too shy — of course, they are hardworking and ambitious; it only means that the mail order Asian brides don't have any problems with cooking, cleaning and taking care of children.
  3. Family orientation.Asian brides are focused on family, that's a fact. Husband, family, and kids are extremely important for every Asian lady, with no exceptions. They devote themselves to family, they build strong families, and they are perfect wives and mothers.

What countries are they from? What’s the difference?

Asian women for marriage

When we’re talking about the Asian women for marriage, we, of course, don’t mean a certain country. We are talking about the whole Asia-Pacific region, from China to Thailand. There are thousands of beautiful Asian brides from all the Asian countries, not from China or Japan only.

What country has the best mail order brides? What countries have more single Asian women? How to distinguish a Chinese woman from an Asian mail bride from Thailand? We have all the answers here. And we’ll begin with the main differences between all these ladies.

Asia can be divided into three parts:East Asia, South AsiaandSoutheast Asia.

  1. East Asia— China, Japan. There are more than two countries in East Asia, yeah, but we’ve added only the countries where there are lots of mail order brides. China is definitely the winner here.
  2. South Asia— Bangladesh, Bhutan. These countries are not very popular among Western men when they want to marry Asian women.
  3. Southeast Asia— Philippines, Thailand. Unlike South Asians, the ladies from this part of Asia often become mail order brides.

Let’s talk about the physical appearance differences between the Asian ladies from East and Southeast Asia at first. We’ll ignore South Asia here because there are no popular mail order brides countries in this region.

  • Eastern ladieshave monolid eyes, much paler skin tones (because these areas are colder), and high cheekbones. Chinese ladies usually have smaller heads, while Japanese women have longer, oval faces and quite soft facial features. East Asian women are usually taller and more skinny.
  • Southern ladieshave double eyelids, they have tanned skin (well, because it's South), and their lips look fuller. Filipina women look more like Latinas, but with recognizable Asian facial features. The ladies from Thailand and the Philippines are a little shorter than their Eastern counterparts, and they do also have a little wider hips.

Of course, it’s not only about appearance when it comes to the question like “what country has the best mail order brides”. You are choosing a future wife here, so it makes sense that you want to know more about the personality traits and about the mentality of the women from these countries, right?

  • Chinese wivesare polite, but emotional. They will tell you what they think, and they are quite similar to the American women in this regard. Of course, they are still very feminine, but you should know that they are definitely not shy. Chinese ladies do also believe that a man must be able to provide his family — of course, your Chinese wife will go to work and earn money, but she will also believe that a man is a breadwinner.
  • Japanese ladies,in their turn, don't think that a man must earn a lot of money. They believe that the most important quality of every man is bravery — so you'll have to act like a real prince to your Japanese lady to attract her. Japanese brides are very polite and quiet, but they can also be independent and hardworking. They are also very open minded — so relocation to the USA won't be a problem for your future wife. She'll make new friends easily and she'll accept your culture, so don't worry about it.
  • Thai womenare very similar to Japanese ladies. They are humble, extremely beautiful, and respectful — remember what we've said about their traditional values? Thai brides are also well-educated and really smart, so don't worry about that "dumb Asian woman" stereotype — it's 100% not true.
  • Filipina girlsare extremely attractive. Yeah, all Asian women are beautiful, but Filipinas are something different — it's like a mix of Asian and Spanish/Latina beauty, and that's why they look captivating. But don't be jealous! The brides from this country are extremely loyal, thanks to their culture. The best news here is that the majority of Filipinas have very good English skills — so the language barrier isn't a problem if you choose a Filipina woman.

What is the best country for Asian brides? What country to choose?

best country for Asian brides

So, what is the best country for mail order brides to the USA? Which country offers the best Asian girls for marriage?

The problem is: there is no clear answer to these questions. The final choice of the mail order brides country depends on you only. But we’ll still try to help you.

Choose a Japanese womanif you want to find a stunning lady who won't have any problems with your culture and traditions and if you want your wife to be a great cook. Oh, and Japanese ladies are very passionate and sexy, so be aware of it (but we are sure that's not a problem).

Choose a Chinese womanif you want to find a smart and beautiful Asian lady... and if you don't want your future wife to be too shy. Chinese brides are loyal, kind and they are great housekeepers. And of course, there's another great feature of Chinese women — they always look younger than the age, and we are sure you'll love it. However, they are a little more conservative about sex than Japanese ladies.

Choose a Thai womanif you need a beautiful, humble and modest lady who'll love you forever. If you want to find a lady, who'll care for you and for your children, a Thai woman is definitely the best choice. Not to mention that they are educated, religious and very respectful.

Choose a Filipina womanif you are looking for a feminine,verybeautiful, and open-minded woman from Asia. She'll be a loyal forever partner for you and a great mother for your children. And btw, Filipina women do always tell jokes, so be ready for it (don't worry, some of them are even funny).

So, as you see, we can’t say what country has the best mail order brides. No one can, actually. It doesn’t make any sense when people ask something like “the mail order brides from what country are the best”. People are unique, their goals and desires are unique, so again: it’s only you who makes the choice.

Where to find an Asian mail order bride?

We can’t choose for you, that’s right. But, what we can do is offer you the best websites with the best Asian ladies for marriage. All these services are safe, they all offer real Asian women looking for husbands, and they all are tested by our experts.

They all offer a wide range of searching options. It means that you can filter mail order brides by country, age, religion and even by eye color — so we are sure that it won’t be a problem for you to find a perfect match at these websites. Are you ready for a new beginning?